StoneOnline Description

StoneOnline is a revolutionary platform which puts toghether all the tools that are needed to make your stone business easy. 



Stone Online has a database where you will be able to learn about companies, materials, processing, techonology , quarry location and market situation. These information will help you in understanding which market can better appreciate your material. You will improve your market strategy.  DISCOVER IT !


Stone Finder

StoneOnline has the most completed library of natural/artifical stones in the world with over 3000 types of stones from all around the world. High quality of pictures, informative descriptions, similar stone suggestions and realizations make learning and looking for materials intriguing and fascinating. FIND YOUR FAVORITE STONE!



Stone is a lot about fashion, design, taste but especially decoration and artistic results. .

For this reason StoneOnline provides an experience area where you can enjoy the estheticresults provided by the use of stone in different venues.

Like in a museum it is possible to explore looking for different buildings, rooms and secret corners and appreciate the artistic result. ENJOY YOUR TOUR!



StoneOnline is connecting to the biggest stone warehouse and processing based in the World in Shuitou (China) over 1 million m2 and 500 companies. Buyers can now easily receive offers from different companies, compare prices and products, make their order and have it processed and shipped right away. START YOUR NEW PROJECT!


Your Online Warehouse

In StoneOnline you can freerly register a profile. Promote your material and post selling and buying request. It has never been easier to be connected with buyers and sellers from all the world for free! BE INTERNATIONALLY CONNECTED!


Buyers and Suppliers

StoneOnline is a unique platform where stone Buyers and Suppliers can meet and get in contact with potential business partners all around the world in only a matter of clicks.

Buyers can inquire for the products they need and Suppliers can immediately visualize their inquires and connect with them.



By being present on StoneOnline, your products and company brand will get the chance to be know and found internationally. New customers and business partners will contact you directly


It is for you!

The platform provides great useful fuctions for all people related with the stone business. Constructors, Processing Factories, Designers, Quarry owners, Private customers. Your Stone Business has never been easier. JOIN NOW!